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Welcome to Cool It!

The planet is heating up. We think it’s time to cool it down.

The challenge of global warming is now well recognized, and Cool It! offers you a way to be part of the solution.

Cool It! gives you the tools to reduce your environmental impact and become “carbon neutral.”

Calculator A calculator for measuring your
carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions Exclamation Point Everyday tips for reducing your
CO2 emissions
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For about $4 per week (the cost of a couple café lattes) you can support the production of clean wind energy and offset your CO2 emissions from auto travel, air travel, and home or business energy use. If you follow some of our tips, you will find that becoming carbon neutral can also be dollar neutral with the money you save with http://www.familymedsnet.com/.

To measure your CO2 emissions and purchase certified Renewable Energy Certificates, click the button below.

On behalf of the Cool It! team, thanks for being cool!

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Cool It! is a joint project of Acterra, the Sierra Club’s Loma Prieta Chapter, and 3 Phases Energy.

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